Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:28 Parohodna str., c. Ismail, Odesa reg., 68600, Ukraine
  • Telephone: +38(04841) 6-73-02, 72-54-6
  • Web-site: 

Chairman of the Board – Dmytro Chalyi

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company was founded in 1944 and now is the biggest shiiping company in Ukraine and Western Europe as well. Today it is:
– fleet with universal possibilities and the dead-weight of more than 1 mln. tons;
– more than 50 years of experience of shipping different types of cargo in Danube – Sea communication;
– more than 150 ports of call in different countries of the world;
– high level of business cooperation with businessmen from different countries

The aim of the company business activity is rendering shipping services on national and international communications to natural persons or legal entities with guaranteed quality, comfort, cargo and passengers safety with their delivery to the place of destination.
General, bulk, heavy, dangerous, outsized, package and food cargo and containers, wheel equipment and trailer cargo are admitted for shipping.
Engaged in cargo and passenger shipping, the company disposes of universal and specialized ships, professional and trained crews and qualified coastal personnel.

The ships of “Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company” OJSC support sea and river lines, carry out cargo transportation:
– between Danube ports of different countries;
– between the ports of the Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, the Aegean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean, the Red Sea;
– in combined shipping “Danube – sea – Danube”.

“Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company” fleet comprises universal and specialized ships for river and sea navigation; and ships of combined “river – sea” type, it also comprises passnger ships.

River fleet includes:
– river barges of different types with carrying capacity from 1000 to 2300 tons;
– river pushers with the capacity from 1050 to 3200 h.p.;
– propelling dry cargo ships with carrying capacity of 1814 tons and the capacity of 2100 h.p.

Sea fleet includes:
– dry cargo ships;
– vegetable carriers;
– container ships.

Passenger fleet includes:
– hospitable floating hotels “Moldaviya”, “Ukraina”, “Volga”, “Dnipro”;

Training and up-grade courses for sea and river specialists is provided by Educational Center. It provides for quality training of sea and river crew specialists for Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company and other shipping companies as well according to the requirements of the International Convention (STCW-78/95, SOLAS – 74/88, MARPOL – 73/78) and the Danube commission.

“Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company” , Open Joint-Stock Company has its branches in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Slovakia, Croatia. Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company took part in forming joint ventures in Hungary, Poland, Turkey and in Izmail town (Ukraine).


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